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Autumnal Wonderland Christening at Lapatsa Countryside

This baby boy's Christening marked a significant milestone in his journey, one that I had been privileged to document from the beginning. From capturing his mother's maternity photos to the delicate moments of his newborn days, I had witnessed their story of love and growth unfold before my lens and the christening became a beautiful continuation of this journey.

The christening took place at the breathtaking Panagia Tsampika Church, which boasts one of the most stunning and unique churches I have ever photographed. The interior radiated the cozy warmth of the season with hues of red, orange, and gold, perfectly complementing the autumnal theme of the christening.

Following the ceremony, loved ones gathered at the picturesque Lapatsa Countryside Venue to celebrate. The decorations embraced the rich colours of the season, with cascades of pumpkins and accents of vibrant autumn colours. Everywhere you turned, the atmosphere radiated joy, celebrating the arrival of the "cutest pumpkin in the patch" – Antonis himself.

Behind the scenes, the skilled hands of 'Kanella Mavri Zachari Events' had woven together the intricate details, transforming the venue into an autumnal wonderland.

Take a look at just some of my favourite photos from the day 🍂






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