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christening photography cyprus


Capturing the essence of cherished moments, our christening services blend the artistry of photography and videography to weave a timeless tapestry of this special day.

Smiles, Blessings, and Forever Memories

OUR Approach

As a wife-husband duo, our approach to capturing the magic of christenings goes beyond professional collaboration—it's a shared passion and commitment. What makes our partnership special is the unspoken understanding and synchronisation that comes from being life partners. We seamlessly complement each other's strengths, anticipating each other's moves, and ensuring that our combined efforts deliver visuals that beautifully capture your christening day.

We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere, allowing genuine moments to unfold naturally. It's not just about taking photos and shooting videos; it's about being present without being intrusive, ensuring that the authenticity of your celebration remains undisturbed and genuine.

Attention to detail

From the decorations to the little baby feet- details are important.

Unobtrusive approach

Apart from a few formals if required- my fly-on-the-wall approach means you'll barely notice I'm there!

Special moments captured

From start to finish, from church to party and everything in between.

Timeless memories 

With fully edited photos to reminisce on those nostalgic afternoons.

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Get in touch

Every christening is different. Big or small, we would love to be a part of it!

Enquire now for christening photography and videography packages.

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