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Let me capture what it feels like not what it looks like

Get to know Nicole

this is me

I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't passionate about photography. At 12 years old I got my first DSLR and never went to any event or trip without it. I was always clicking away and capturing moments in my own and my loved ones' lives. Birthdays, gatherings, holidays, a random Wednesday - my friends and family were always in front of the lens and have hundreds of photos to prove it.​

But I always focused on the candid moments, even then. I would chase my little cousins around while they played, capturing the real happiness they felt and the genuine smiles. I would capture my mom as she was sipping her coffee and wasn't looking or my dad as he threw one of the kids up in the air.


There is beauty in the every day, and I want to show that through my photographs. I have always loved capturing natural moments and milestones in people's lives, but also creating moments that are worth capturing. Whether it's a special day or just another day, let's turn it into an adventure and make some magic! 

My own love story 

There is an element of vulnerability and trust that comes with hiring a photographer to capture a personal moment in your life in an intimate way. So let me share my own love story in an attempt to be open and vulnerable with you!

My love for photography brought me and my husband together, through a society for creatives at university in 2015. Our joined passion for art and creativity is the reason we met and fell in love. Tim is in many ways my other half - we often even work together to bring your own stories to life in still and moving form. If you book video alongside your session or christening with me, you will get to meet him and be lucky enough to experience his incredible talent and passion for storytelling. We both pour so much love into your photos & videos before we sent them off to their forever home and I am so thankful I get to share this journey with him.

Your stories inspire us, give us purpose and fulfil our own lives in many ways. We gush over how cute your babies are while editing. We get excited to plan an adventure with you and film/photograph your story. We get emotional capturing the proud look on the grandparents's faces watching your little ones get baptised. Your stories are a part of our story - so thank you for that!

But when we're out there creating memories just the two of us, we love exploring the world and getting inspired through new places, food, cultures and people. 

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now let me tell your story

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