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Sweethearts by the Sea | Asia & Marios' Engagement Session

I had the pleasure of capturing the love story of a couple whose journey began amidst the enchanting streets of France, where they first met while studying the art of pastry. The beach served as the idyllic canvas for their engagement session, a picturesque celebration of their sweet beginnings.

The golden hour, that magical time just before sunset, added an ethereal touch to the entire photo shoot. The warm sunlight bathed the couple in a soft glow, accentuating their love and creating an intimate atmosphere. I focused on capturing stolen glances, shared laughter, and the tender moments that spoke volumes about the depth of their connection.

As the couple strolled along the water's edge, hand in hand, the beauty of their connection unfolded like a delicate pastry—layer by layer, each moment more delicious than the last. This session was not only a celebration of love but also a testament to the idea that, much like the perfect recipe, love requires time, care, and a touch of magic.


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