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3 tips to best plan for your maternity photoshoot!

Maternity sessions are my favourite! I love baby bumps and the beautiful, strong, amazing mamas-to-be. No matter how you may feel during your pregnancy, you truly GLOW and you deserve to feel like a goddess during your photoshoot. So here are 3 things to keep in mind for your maternity photoshoot:

1. Timing is everything

Try to schedule your photoshoot around your 7-8th month of pregnancy. By then, your tummy should have a nice round shape without it being extremely uncomfortable like the the very end of your pregnancy. That way, you will be able to move around a little better and be comfortable enough for more poses. Of course, every woman is different so use this timeframe as a general guideline.

2. You can do the session at your home!

Home photoshoots are intimate, full of emotion and beyond personalised to the mother/couple expecting their new arrival. Capture your life in your home, before it completely changes. You will likely feel more comfortable and relaxed which will make a huge difference in the photos.

As an added bonus, home sessions don’t require soft outdoor light as it is in the shade, so bright daylight works too fitting best around your schedule.

If you want a home-like session but believe your home is not the ideal space for that, you can book a session at my studio in Larnaca. I have designed it with a lifestyle approach in mind to emanate this cozy, homey feeling with a lot of blankets, cushions, rugs, curtains etc.

If you're not a fan of home sessions for whatever reason, do not worry! Outdoor works well too - just make sure you are available during golden hour (just before sunset) to get that dreamy soft light.

TIP: Ask your friends, family or your partner for help ensuring the shooting area is tidy beforehand.

3. Find appropriate clothes

Of course, outfits are subjective to personal taste, however, simple, light coloured clothing will bring all the focus to you and your beautiful bump which is the aim of the photoshoot. Avoiding black is also a good idea, as this colour might be best for hiding some extra weight, but not great for showcasing your bump.

Some of my favourite maternity outfits are: robes/kimonos, fitted tops with a layer like a cardigan, fitted dresses, unbuttoned jeans with a bralette and over-shirt or even in your birthday suit (au naturel is breath-taking, trust me!)

Have a look at the photos below for some ideas and feel free to stalk my Instagram for even more inspo here. I also offer a client closet with dresses, robes, accessories that you are welcome to wear free of charge. Before every session I provide a moodboard for outfit ideas and the whole concept of the shoot!

Here is some inspo:

So capture the unconditional love you have for your unborn baby and celebrate your incredibly strong body. Get pampered, treat yourself and show off that baby bump to the camera! One day you can show your child the start of their journey.

Interested? Get in touch!

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