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MEMORIES preserved

Crafted for generations, each page narrates your story, creating cherished heirlooms that transcend time


Layflat album with thick page feel in lustre paper finish
12 spreads | 24 pages
Cover personalisation

Wide range of cover materials
Various upgrades available
2 rounds of revisions


€5.70 per extra spread

25x25cm | 25x30cm 

€7.30 per extra spread


€8 per extra spread

COVER options

Click on any cover material below to see it full screen



This is a collection for everyone with an exquisite taste. Its premium velvet coating provides the perfect balance between sophistication and softness. This material slightly changes its tones when it is touched and its soft touch felling makes a deep desire to remember the memories printed inside.



Made of natural and organic fibres, Linen is the most sustainable option among all coatings, from their planting to their colouring, being the right choice for the soft touch lovers. It has neutral and smooth colours. Due to the robustness of its fabric, it provides excellent resistance to the final product. Perfect for customers who value natural products.


This is a collection designed for the simple yet refined look of someone looking for timeless products. A collection super well known for its buckram coating which has a wide range of colours and allows a huge choice of customisations, making it one of the most versatile. Buckram coating is made of stiff cotton, giving it a strong and durable texture. Being known for the durability of its fibres, it allows the choice of a wide range of colours, from its natural tones to the most vibrant ones.